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1  Hume, Quintin Dick Rev. (I1270)
2  Ison, Hephzebah (I1735)
3  Kennedy, Donald Moses (I2038)
4  Megaw, John Wallace Dick Major-General K.C.I.E. (I2238)
5 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Hendra, M.R. (I3449)
6  Moore, Laurence (I4854)
7 A Deaf Mute McElderry, George (I405)
8 Batch No.: M106511
Dates: 1813 - 1831
Source Call No.: 0919301
Printout Call No.: 6909492 
Source (S14)
9 Date inferred from census entry for 16, Long Lane, Killamarsh. Source (S8)
10 Identifying the correct Gilbert McNeill as Brother of Flory and Brother-in-Law of Kinales. This is the only Gilbert McNeill resident on Colonsay at the correct time to be informant. From Corncrake #69 Post OPR VITAL RECORDS, COLONSAY More information courtesy of Pat Maule. Cert. # 7 1881 - 26 October Kinales McPHEE, age 65 years, Shepherd - at Kiloran, Colonsay Married to Flora McNEILL Father - Dugald McPHEE, Farmer, (deceased) Mother - Flora McPHEE, maiden name - BUIE - (Deceased). Cause of Death - Unknown - 2 weeks. Informant - Gilbert McNEILL, - Brother-in-Law. McNeill, Gilbert (I1620)
11 of Ballyboyland Borland, William (Billy) (I2476)
12 of Ballyrobin
Richard, Ellen (I2189)
13 of Drumahit ? Sharpe, Agnes (Nancy) (I3289)
14 of Dunovernon ?
Dick, John (I324)
15 of Kirkhills Wallace, Isabella (I558)
16 Privately Printed for Girton College Source (S303)
17 This information comes from 1 or more individual Ancestry Family Tree files. This source citation points you to a current version of those files. Note: The owners of these tree files may have removed or changed information since this source citation was created. Source (S16)
18 Twice married, so is Stones her first-married name rather than maiden name? Stones, Hannah (I2791)